Geoff Kite GolfLab

Why Custom Fit?

Custom Fitting benefits every standard of golfer and we suggest that everyone takes advantage of it. Whether you are playing off scratch or 28, are aged 18 or 80,whether you are a man, lady or junior golfer, having your golf clubs fine tuned to your swing will dramatically gain more distance. The results will see you striking the ball better and the bad shots will not be as bad as before.

Not all clubs are created equal, but even more dramatic is the way each individual player uses them. Every club has a little more 'to give' a player and this optimisation is known as 'Custom Fitting'.

Adjusting aspects of the club around a golfer’s physical size, swing and technique results in a club tailored to suit the individual.  In almost all cases, the results are immediate and dramatic and the technology supporting custom fitting can reveal life changing improvements in your game and overall score. 

We advise lots of customers and every one of them has a different style to their play. This is why we believe that getting to grips with latest technologies is the best way to advance your game and find the right golf equipment for you.