GC2 HMT Tech

We have invested heavily in the latest state of art technology which we are bringing to you in our Golf Lab. No two players are built or indeed swing the same way. Taking just an hour of your time, we use specialist equipment and PGA trained staff to measure every detail of a club’s performance when used by an individual golfer.

In our specialist Golf Lab we use Foresight Sports’  Game Changer 2 (GC2) and Head Measurement Technology (HMT) which directly measure every critical aspect of ball and clubhead performance, resulting in the most trustworthy and accurate data available.

How does this work?

High speed cameras directly measure club and ball guaranteeing the data captured and reported is pure and reliable. By the time the ball has flown just a few inches, it has been imaged up to 24 times, with the launch angle, direction, speed and spin measured and instantly reported. In turn this means the GC2 and HMT provide total flexibility for the teacher or fitter allowing them to work with every club in the bag from driver to putter, on every length or shape of shot, indoors or outside, from the strike mat or the grass, on the putting green or out on the course.

Stereoscopic vision creates a three-dimensional insight into how the ball launches and spins after impact. The level of accuracy is unprecedented. Object Tracking Intelligence records precisely the complete delivery of the clubhead into impact with the golf ball. By directly imaging  the movement of the clubhead in three dimensions from in front and to the side of the hitting area, HMT is able to provide unique club data points that further widen the gulf between their camera-based design and that or radar. We believe no other technology directly measures smash factor, dynamic loft and impact location of the ball on face.

This technology means we really can specify the right bespoke equipment to bring out the best in your game. The process takes between three quarters of an hour to an hour, depending upon whether you are looking at irons and drivers, or fairways, hybrids and wedges. We will then order the bespoke items from major manufacturers like Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Titleist and Benross who will tailor make them according to our specifications.

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